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Pressure Washer and Hard Water

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So in between uses I want to ensure lime build up is minimal in my pressure washer-A must in Middle Tennesse water.

-In the past, I have used the Karcher, $7 for 12 oz. pump protector fluid. Spendy stuff.

-I have done some Googling and whatnot to see if I could use a DIY protector fluid. Seems like auto or RV anti-freeze will work. 

--Any thoughts?



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@T YeltaJust go online and there are many, many pressure washer pump protection products.

Water softener? Yes. Outside faucets are not connected to softened water.


I infrequently use the pressure washer hence the need to protect the pump between uses.

The operator manual recommends pump protection for certain cases.


Frequent use would not merit using pump protection, until press. washer is stored for awhile.

Any type water lingering in the pump never bodes well for the pump between uses.

I live by the old addage "treat your equipment well, and it will return the favor".





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