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Southern Ontario, Sobeys - Briskets

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Last night’s Sobeys flyer came.  One the front page was Canada AA Brisket, packers.  Sale starting today at $2.99 a pound.  Pretty outstanding value since I haven’t seen them under $6 in several years.  Sure enough, I ran to my local store at 08:00 this morning to find no stock.  The meat manager told me that due to the Covid/meat packing situation they are getting far smaller shipments than usual. He had 6 briskets come in yesterday, and people brought in their flyers during the evening and bought him out.  Because these are on special, he wouldn’t take orders for them.  He told me to try back around mid morning and Every 2-1/2 hours after as he was expecting more in.  THESE WILL GO QUICKLY!


I tried back at 10:30.  He told me to hang tight by.  The truck was unloading and there were only 6 cases of 3 briskets on the paperwork.  About five minutes later he came back to the counter with a case and I took my max allocation of 2 pieces.  The bigger was a 16 pounder and it was less than 50 bucks!  (For our American friends, $50 converts to about $7.00 USD. total after exchange, LOL). Excellent pricing considering the current market situation and hysteria going on about meat shortages.


Here’ is your heads up to grab a brisket or two at a good price!





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Just picked up my limit of 2 at my local Sobeys in Port Colborne. Didn't seem like too may people were interested in them at that store but I hear they are selling out like crazy in the St Cathrines area. If you miss out you may have to drive a little south to get one.  Good luck on a great deal. Thanks for the post.

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4 hours ago, adauria said:

I'd be very confused about the per kg pricing... Still, sounds like a great deal for our neighbors to the North. 



A rare win.  Believe you me...

2.20 Pounds per Kilo.$2.99 CAD per pound or approx.  $2.14 USD.


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