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Vintage #2 Kamado, never been kissed

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Hello all,

Longtime lover of Kamado and Big Green Egg here, though never really into the specifics or history of any particular model.  I acquired a Vintage #2 Kamado today that has never been used! I see it almost like a piece of art.  I'm not sure i can cook on it!  I wonder if anyone here can look at the attached photos and let me know its age and any other info about it?  The only downside to this awesome piece is the damper top is broken.




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Nice looking antique Kamado. There are a few people on here that should be able to shed some light on this. I'm sure they'll chime in. In the meantime search the forum there are a few restoration threads. 


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Welcome, glad to have you and all your kamados with us. Wow what a great find. Most antique kamados are dated somewhere from the mid 1960's through the 1970s. Augie, the guy who runs this web site and business, was involved in bringing the kamado to the US market. He may be a helpful source of info for you. He also has replacement parts that fit older kamados. 


Popular thought is that older kamados, due to the type of ceramic and possible clay in their construction, should be limited to moderate temp cooks like 350 or 400 max. High heat cooks, like pizza and such are probably better relegated to your Egg. When you say the top vent damper are you talking the daisy wheel or slide vent or the ceramic snuffer that used to come as standard equipment on older kamados? If it were mine, I would definitely cook on it,  but use it for moderate heat cooks like chicken, pork, etc. Have fun, and again, what a great find.

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I have a Nr 3 just like your Nr 2 except my lower damper is black. Also have a Nr 5 Kikuya Hibatchi Pot.

As "Keeper" above mentioned Augie Longo could most like give you a ballpark date. He worked for Mako at Imperial Kamado and then took over the business and headed east when Mako retired. Augie has a couple of youtube videos out their.

Do you have the cart or feet for it? The cart for my Nr 5 was in sad shape. I ferried a jet to the west coast in 04 and met Mako and Augie and snagged a new cart.

If you cant source the rain cap if you can still find a BGE one, it will fit. There was a post years ago on a different forum of a gent who made his own rain cap. I will see if I can find that post. He even gave the detail on getting proper texture.

I would start a small fire and get the moisture out of it that has accumulated with non use before cooking on it.

Do not cook on it in the rain. 

Additionally on the Naked Whiz's website he has some info/manuals for the older clay kamado's. I still have my original documentation for my old cookers. It is translated from JN to English. Both sets of instructions talk briquttes or Sumi (JN lump). If intetested in copy of the documentation let me know. I will figure out how to get it to you. It does not scan well because of type of paper its printed on.

Good luck with your great piece of history.

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