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Lighting Grill Going To Store For Meat

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Momma is never very far away. I am guessing you even look crosseyed and that little fellow, and your kids as well as the ladies in your hood will make short work of you. Stay safe, my friend, let the feeling pass. had four of those  little ones hanging around my place last year. Haven't seen any yet this year. 

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Yeah, that is always a possibility. Unfortunately, a young one actually ran into our car the other night, Just came directly out of heavy brush, probably didn't see him for more than half a second before he ran into the edge of the front bumper.Thought he was dead but he got up and ran into the brush. I looked for him but couldn't find a trace. Hip I think, hate to see them suffer. 

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Well, it seems the little fella is ok after all and his momma or big sis is alive and kicking as well. That is until she met an inquisitive El Paso boxer not used to seeing such animals.  :-D









after an initial growl, seems she really just wanted to play. The deer in the other hand was all business and chased her around the yard a couple of times before I had to intervene to get the deer to back off. :rofl:

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