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Cooking in the residual heat after a pizza session.

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After I have made my pizza’s I close all the vents to “switch off” the kamado. A good 3-4 hours later the Joe is still singing at 150c and I think what could I have cooked in all this wasted heat?!  Something that will sit and roast for a few hours or even overnight! I assume potatoes wrapped in foil will roast away quite happily but was hoping for something more substantial for lunch the following day. Has anyone tried anything that worked?

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I’ve done a few attempts since this post. After switching off the vents I have  roasted a whole chicken in foil no problem. Roasted Sweet potatoes out of foil and they came out perfect for scoop and mash. Same with 5 aubergines for my favourite curry. No smokiness though which I don’t know if that’s good or bad. And I did season my cast iron equipment with great success too! No longer will the heat be wasted after a pizza cook! 

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