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Reef's Camp Cooking - Deep Bend Landing


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It's a winding road into the campground but Wow! Check out this huge river front site I got!







Now onto some cooks I did over Memorial weekend. All these were either cooked on my CampChef setup or in the Travel Trailer oven. 


Cheesecake stuffed peaches for desert. 




For a snack I made some fried provolone with Italian herbs and a pinch of garlic. 





A few breakfast cooks. When you don't have a toaster, no worries. Griddle toast with eggs and home fries. 




Pancakes with peach chunks and a homemade peach mapple syrup I canned last year. 





The star of the breakfast cooks was thick cut French toast stuffed with sweet cheese and lingonberries with a blueberry syrup. 





Onto a few dinners. We assembled this pulled pork mac and cheese a few weeks ago and froze it in the ceramic dish. Just needed to defrost it and put it in the oven. I also made an impromptu Orange Habanero BBQ sauce to go with it. 





Pork chops on the CampChef grill box. 




And lastly Bronx Bombers. I've made and posted these in the past but knew they would work good in the extra small travel trailer oven. 







Awesome Memorial weekend trip in a great campground. See you next month. 






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