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How large of a pizza peel do I need for a Big Joe Pizza Stone?

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I’m trying to order a pizza peel, preferably aluminum and with a foldable handle.

How large of a peel do I need to match up with a Big Joe pizza stone? I’ve never done pizza before and I’m unclear on the ratio I will need, no point to having a peel too small that won’t maximize the stone size.


The largest dimensions I’m finding online is about 12x14, so what’s the point of getting the Big Joe sized pizza stone if my peel has that limitation.


Looking for your recommendations!

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I wonder how hard it would be to make an XL wooden pizza peel from a piece of 1/4" plywood or MDF. I mean, the shape is simple enough to cut out with a jigsaw. You could cut an angle onto the front (and sides if you want) to create a slope on the front, and then sand it down nice for a smooth lip all around. Alternatively, just sand it after you cut the basic shape and avoid the awkward angle cut. 


Just a thought. 



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I have two plywood pizza peels and they work great. Better than the KJ peel which is not ply and has split and warped after being washed. KJ were very good about it and gave me a refund. I tend to use the ply peels for launching and use a stainless steel peel to retrieve the pizza.



These 12" peels came from Amazon, wood is untreated and the front is bevelled. Should be easy to make if you have the skills and tools. Most commercial peels seem to be 12" wide.

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7 minutes ago, John Setzler said:

My mistake.. my intent was that you need an 18" peel if you want to take full advantage of the stone size.


No issue, I thought there was a chance they made them bigger, not that you were wrong.


im surprised because I always see people using peels that are smaller than their stones and it’s difficult to find a 18 “ one, at least in Canada.

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