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JoeTisserie: should I get a basket?

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Hi all,

I bought a classic 3 back in March and I recently received the JoeTisserie as a birthday gift.  I‘m wondering if I should get a basket as I read somewhere that it makes great wings.  Is this a recommended purchase and if so what basket to buy?


Also,  anyone have a recipe for a chicken to throw on the JoeTisserie?  And do I just buy a whole bird?  Are they pre-gutted?  Sorry for my ignorance, didn’t grill before getting the Joe. 


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Wow, you jumped into the deep end.:-D   Most buy something inexpensive and move up from there once they realize how good the food is.  The basket is definitely handy for wings or just about anything.  Opinions are like &^%$#%$@, everybody has one and they all stink. Just get one that works for you.  Check out Napoleon.  See, that's my opinion and someone will disagree.   Yes, unless you buy a live chicken, it's already processed, (gutted and plucked).  You wouldn't need the basket for a whole bird, it will fit on the shaft and be held in place by the forks.  Rub some peanut oil on the bird, salt and pepper maybe some garlic powder and spin away. Good luck.  

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It makes great wings but if you use a dry rub it will just knock all the rub off. Works really well if it's marinated. Or if you cook it and add a rub after it's cooked. I got the Napolean basket. Works great. Kind of a tight fit on the classic so I got screws with a smaller handle (super easy to find at a hardware store)


For whole chickens I personally think it comes out better spatchcocking it and cooking it. Comes out great on the rotisserie too of course. You can use pretty much any recipe. Just watch it on the sugar or you'll end up burning it. Also for chicken you'll want to bank the coals or the fat will end up burning the bird a bit. 


I really like the rotisserie for picanha, tri-tip, pork tenderloin, roasting coffee beans (can get a coffee basket for like $12 on Amazon). 

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