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Thermoworks Signals/Billows website and new app created

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1 hour ago, Walrus said:

Correct, it's through the app. In the app, I click add device, and you can add smoke, signals or bluedot. I select signals, it searches, and then says no bluetooth devices found.


I removed the signals in the old app, did a search, and it re-found the signals no problem through bluetooth. Deleted the app and reinstalled from the app store, still nothing. The new app obviously doesn't work on my phone.


The only permissions it asks for when first installing is location. What permissions does your phone show?


Only location. Did you report to their developers?

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They still seem to be updating the signals firmware almost weekly, and the beta app even more frequently. 


I’m still getting quite a lot of overshoot and oscillation, particularly after opening the lid. I think that the fan re-activates too soon after closing. 

Connection issues seem to be fixed.


Other minor points are that despite having everything set to Celsius, the pit temp on billows can only be set in degrees F, which is annoying. The maximum temp you can set to is also only 300F for some reason. 

Overall much better though. How’s everyone else doing?

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Did a 6 hour beef short rib cook yesterday with the latest version of the app and the newest Signal firmware.  There were a couple of oddities.  My set temperature was 250° .As you can see in the graph there were 2 significant high temperature spikes early on.  I think they may have been related to some strong winds that kicked up but I am not sure.  The next point is that the graph shows the modulation of the temperature more accurately than before.  Not sure if they had simply factored out those minor fluctuations in the previous version or if something else is in play. Could be as simple as the labeling on the x & y axis is much better in this version. You can also see the open lid recovery a few times towards the end.  I think it did pretty well.  All in all a good step forward in my opinion.  Also no loss of connectivity.  In fact I left the house for about an hour and was able to keep an eye on the grill temperature with no issues.


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17 hours ago, SeaBrisket said:

@GiffS How open is your top vent? For 250 mine is open less than a quarter inch and it doesn't overshoot. When I've had it more open I've had it go over.

That may be the culprit, I did have the top vent a little more open than I should have, probably half an inch and I did adjust it more closed .  Until your post I had forgotten that adjustment.

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1 hour ago, SeaBrisket said:

I set the temp to 180 yesterday and it only overshot to 190ish before settling back down. 


I think it works best overall when the top vent is barely open. Like an eighth of an inch. I've gotten very steady temps that way.


For the open/lid I think it's a matter of how long the lid is open and how long it takes to naturally get back to temp. If you have it set to 250, open the lid for 1 minute the temp could drop quite a bit. Even though it's still naturally rising when you close it the Billows might kick in too early and blow pretty consistently for too long which will make it shoot up more than it should. 


At 180/190 it probably wouldn't take very long for the temp to naturally get to 180/190 so wouldn't overshoot much. Would be nice if it could sense the temp is naturally rising and not kick in until it actually stops doing that. Open lid is definitely getting better but until it's perfected I'll just unplug the Billows if I need to open the lid, plug it back in and manually change the set temp lower so it doesn't kick in and then set it back to normal when it naturally gets back to temp (usually do that using the web app since I'm often on the computer). Kind of a pain but pretty easy and it's not like I'm lifting the lid that often on long cooks. Hardly at all.


The web app is a great addition and I really like how they are dialing this thing in. I've been in contact with them when I've had issues and they are really taking time to address any issues and fix them (exactly how BETA apps should be done). When it's fully dialed in I think this setup will give the top competitors some serious competition.




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