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Help Needed Kamado K7

Lost Down Under

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5 hours ago, Lost Down Under said:

Golf Griller - I just about spat my coffee all over my computer! That's gold. Bet it was done only the once.

Just speculating here, but perhaps only the once during daylight hours... with future instances under the cloak of darkness so as not to freak out the neighbors (oddly enough a leaf blower at night is less disturbing than a plume of ash in broad daylight)....   :)


I will say, in theory, it does seem like a decent way to thoroughly clean up after removing most of the ash from a kamado with a cracked firebox you’re too scared to pull....


I usually just glove up, dive in and garb handfuls of ash and toss them in a plastic grocery bag in my KK. Just make sure you don’t have any lingering embers if you go that route. Trust me, it only took me the once to learn that lesson.  


@Golf Griller - You should stop keeping the company of such derelicts... ;)


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My first post!


I have a Kamado K7, purchased in 2000. Just did some refurb on it, i think I can help.


in your photos, what you have are the optional side tables (missing the hardware to mount), optional upper grill bracket, the gas burner, three mounting plates for it and the regulator for the burner. I have the same gas setup and I love it for its versatility, unlike many kamados today.  I have replaced the burner and regulator three times in 20 years. What you are missing is the charcoal starter plate that fits over the burner and also protects the burner itself. I have replaced this three times as well, getting it fabricated at a local welding shop.  Let me know if you need photos, I have to figure out how to do it since I am brand spanking new in this forum. Don’t let anyone convince you to ditch the gas option.

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Thanks for your reply. I'd be interested to see photos of your set up.
I have done away with the gas burner because I just wanted this kamado for charcoal. I still have all of the parts though, so it wouldn't be too hard to set it up again. Wht do you find the gas so good?

I've started a resto thread here - https://smokefireandfood.com/forum/index.php?thread/5565-kamado-k7-kamado-rocket-resto/

Let me know your thoughts. I'd be interested in any input that you have.

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Here are some “before” photos of refurb. The upper band was so stained with smoke it looks totally black (bands were way out of adjustment). I was one of the lucky ones and have had few problems with my Johnson K7. I bought it new with ALL accesories at the time from Richard.  I believe mine was made in Indonesia. Had a friend that bought a beautiful LARGE TILE K7 but it was broken years ago. My K7 has the old school refractory box. Only a few cracks.

Refurb included:

—Thorough cleaning with Dawn

—Used various tools and SOS pads to clean SS bands

—Apply refractory cement inside, repaired cracks and some structural weakness

—Applied refractory around the original spider (holding well)

—Scraped and painted trolley

—Only had to reapply 7 tiles (5 of them were still hanging on)

—Pulled out old burner, regulator and charcoal lighter plate that fits on top of burner

—Purchased new replacement burner and regulator. Swapped out LP orifice for NG orifice (never used LP). $120 bucks for burner (Amazon, Music City Metals burners, but known by other reseller names too)
—Adjusted oxygen intake to burners

—Replaced gasket around grill opening

—Applied new grout. “Painted” new grout with grout pens (black)

—Adjusted bands using paper test

—Relubed all external bolts, wheels, etc.

—Thorough detail job using Zaino synthetic car products



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But wait, there’s more!

Forgot to answer the question about what I like about gas.  One BBQ tool for grilling OR smoking. I can decide at moments notice. VERY convenient to start the lump. Do both and get in the 700 to 800 degree range. NEVER worry about high temp and cracks, winter or summer. GREAT for searing steaks and chops. Why limit to 450 degrees like I am reading in these forums? Not my 20 years of experience with high heat K7 grilling (YMMV). Replacing the burner with new is easier than plugging the hole in the back. My wife likes the burner/grill for cooking!  

The accessories show both OEM upper and lower brackets, scraping tool missing handle (replacing soon), burner cover/charcoal starter and side tables. 




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Absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much for replying.

You've done a fantastic job on your resto. I only hope that mine comes up half as good.

You've never worried about high temps in your kamado. I was under the impression that the refractory shouldn't be taken above 500f.

Seeing your pictures gives me a much better idea of how this kamado should go back together.

Can I ask a favor? Can you please measure how far down from the grill grate lip the deflector bracket sits. This one didn't come with the bracket that you have in your pictures and I've been trying to work out how far above the coals to place the deflector that I'm making.

Could I also ask you to post some more pictures of the extension grill. Is that a separate grate that sits on top of the frame that I have in this picture636733541_Parts3.thumb.jpg.93932ad2cb77b911ac0b320ac3d8fe8d.jpg?

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