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Last cook before Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

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Stage 2 fire restrictions go into effect next Wednesday at 8pm. When that happens, I can no longer cook on any device that produces ash from a live fire. As a last meal before eating off the gasser for probably the next 2 1/2 months,  I plan to roast a chicken over veggies this evening on my Egg, and cook a brisket on Monday on my Traeger. Once the restrictions go into effect I will most likely not be able to use either grill until late August if the monsoon rains come in good. There is a saying that most famous chefs, when they get a chance to cook for themselves and their families choose to cook roast chicken. Count me in with the same mind set. This chicken is different than the others I have cooked. Their is a new meat shop in town called "Prescott Meats", it is not a butcher shop, but sells prepacked beef, pork, lamb, pheasant, quail, chicken, duck, sausage and such mostly from the midwest. Everything is rrestaurant quality and of much higher grades than I can get in my small town grocery's. I have been hearing that these chickens are amazing, so I decided to give one a try. This particular bird is called Poulet Rouge Fermier or French Red Farm Chicken. It is supposed to have very fine thin skin much like parchment and is therefore supposed to crisp up really nicely. It is also supposed to possess excellent flavor. I am going to slather it with cold pressed  Mexican lime extra virgin olive oil, and then dust it with fine kosher salt, Simon and Garfunkel spices, and Spanish smoked paprika.I am going to cook it over a pan of fingerling potatoes, large green onion bulbs, baby carrots, and celery. One of our favorite dinners at the homestead.Feel free to follow along if your interested. 






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Paid 19 bucks for the chicken,  more than I have ever paid for one  in the past, however, what a great result. Flavor was delicate but distinctive, flesh was consistently moist, firm and white meat was alabaster white while the dark meat was a rose color. When I broke down the chicken after dinner the meat was firm but just felt like silk, never had one like this before. The clerk at the meat co told me French Red Farm Chicken is a specific breed, the ones they sell are bred and raised in the US. Place called Joyce farms. Cage free, veggie diet only, no growth hormones. Gotta say best chicken I have ever had. Dinner was delicious. The addition of smoked paprika to my Simon and Garfunkel, really produced a nice pleasing color. 


On the fire restrictions: I know they sound harsh, but I live in the heart of wild fire country, and it has been really hot and dry following a exceptionally wet winter. That means lots of grass, tree, and plant growth that was green this Winter but dry and highly flammable now.  We are the town that lost 19 hot shots; all killed in one terrible moment during the Yarnell fire. So we, unfortunately know how severe the consequences of a wildfire can be. Nobody really likes fire restrictions, but absolutely nobody who lives here complains. Just part of living in the Rural Urban Interface. 


On the grill


veggie pan




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