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Whole Grilled Turbot

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I've been looking forward to trying this recipe for a while. Our local fishmonger opened up again last week and we managed to snag a beautiful whole turbot.  At just over 4lb it was a little larger than we needed for two but we were having date night and the sun was shining so no harm done!






The recipe I'd read about on Serious Eats was for a Basque-style preparation: the fish is simply well seasoned with salt then grilled for around 4 minutes, flipped and basted with a simple vinaigrette then flipped and basted a couple more times.  In total it got 8 minutes on the thicker, dark side and 4 on the paler underside. As the fish was a bit bigger than the recipe it wasn't quite cooked through so I let it come up to temp in a very low oven - the grill was far too hot to allow this so it had to come indoors.  I aimed for 127F internal temp.







Looking like a Neapolitan pizza base!



Straight off the grill...



...and into the oven.




The remaining vinaigrette from the baste is spooned over the finished fish, as I carved it I mixed the juice from the turbot with the this to make a gorgeous silky sauce.  




We served it with some cauliflower "bravas" - florets dredged in some paprika spiced flour and fried, topped with a smoke roasted tomato sauce and some alioli. All I can say is, WOW! A really memorable meal and probably the best fish I've ever cooked on my Joe... Maybe even the best fish I've cooked ever.




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It is, they live mostly in the northeast Atlantic I think. As they go, this is a small one - they can get huge, like 50lb plus. 

They have a gorgeous flavour, quite meaty but still really delicate, like an even more refined version of halibut. They’re relatively expensive (this one was around £40) but are great for a special meal - and with lockdown we aren’t exactly going out to eat much at the moment!  We could probably have fed three or four people with this one so not too ridiculous. 

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Truly lovely fish and what a great cook. I really like all the flounder type flat fish, Halibut, Turbot, Sole, firm but delicate with an amazing flavor. Yours was a gourmet level cook, fine job. Who needs to go out to a restaurant when you can cook like that at home. Just excellent. 

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On 5/31/2020 at 1:29 PM, Herman Munster said:

I used to haul fish Turbot  is like a mini Halibut (they look the same just smaller) Similar taste to Halibut .Herman

O good. I love Halibut. Thank you.

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