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Farmers Casserole

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Alright - enough slacking and time to get in gear and post a challenge cook... with a good several hours to spare, I might add. 

Couldn’t decide what to do and was running out of time. Decided on a farmers casserole. I’ve made this a number of times at home and at work, but pretty sure I haven’t done it on a kamado. It’s always a hit and you can change up the ingredients to suit what you have on hand. 

Hash browns, farm fresh eggs from a coworker, evaporated milk, cheese, ham, bacon, Anaheim, jalapeño, sweet peppers, mushrooms and a shallot that missed the photo shoot were today’s cast of characters. Also some salt, pepper garlic of course...



Fired up Big Joe for the first time since last fall. Cleaned it up and left the lump in and it sat covered outside all winter. Was hoping this wouldn’t bite me in the back side and cause issues getting to temp, but was willing to gamble. At least Wyoming dry climate is good for something.... No mold issues like some of you have. 



Chopped up everything and put a light sauté on it in cast iron on a butane burner outside. Wind blowing 20+ and blowing out the burner... that was fun. 




Took that in and tossed the hash browns with a bag of shredded pepper jack and then added in the veggies and ham and some seasoning. Then spread that out in the pan. I usually just layer things in, which works fine too. 



Then whisked about 9 eggs and a can of evaporated milk together with a little more seasoning. 



And poured it over and added more cheese. 





Then on to the grill about 375. 



And baked indirect for about an hour - or a little more. 



Made up some pico in the meantime.






Let it cool for a bit after pulling and then cut it up. I go with uneven pieces (about 1/3 and 2/3)  - the larger side is pieces for Mr. KK and the smaller side is pieces for me. 


And plated it up. 


This reheats really well and will be a quick and easy breakfast for most of the week here. 


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looks like a hearty breakfast bake for  a crowd. RE the "Fresh Chile Co" . I have ordered from them, good product. But, pricey and the charge for shipping makes it even worse. Also, they didn't ship the free squeeze bottle. Offered some kind of minor discount or something on my next order, never reordered so that was worthless. I do make their green chile chicken verde casserole frequently, but now I use grocery store chile verde. 

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