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Back in the the saddle!

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Hey Folks,

I'm back after a few years off! My poor Big Steel Keg was in forced retirement whilst I moved into an apartment with a 'no bbq' rule.But I'm happy to report that after sitting outside,unused and unloved getting battered by the damp humid weather in Houston for years my BSK cleaned up pretty nice on its return to CA.



 it actually held upr pretty well although the dome temp gauge needed a little recalibration as it thought it was 200deg outside!


I ordered a load of ostrich meat online last week and was itching to try something, decided to try smoking the 4lb thigh with a fairly simple black pepper & coriander rub.




 Its flat but pretty thin so I should have known it was gonna cook a heck of a lot faster than I expected, I put it on at 225° with some apple wood chunks 4hrs before dinner....



unfortunately....my internet research suggested it would cook kinda like a brisket but after 1.5hrs at 225° the internal temp was already at 155, a full 5° over what I was aiming for. After a bit of a rest, it was salvageable although, bordering on overcooked :(Done

But still went down pretty well on top of an arugula salad :)


Doneso I guess I learned to keep a better eye on the temp when cooking Ostrich and maybe roll and tie a thin piece like that next time!


Looking forward to cooking the rib rack next week!! 

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Wow!  You’re back in the saddle like a pro!


Great cook - and super unique with the ostrich!  You can come in just under the wire and post it up as a challenge cook if you hurry. 

Welcome back. 

You’ll have to tell us more about the taste. 

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One of the best meals I ever had was a peppered ostrich steak in S.Africa and I've been trying to replicate that ever since! Supposed to be lower in saturated fats and a little healthier than other red meats, It's a very similar to beef in texture and not gamey at all, took up the smoke flavour pretty nicely too.


Quite a bit leftover so it's smoked ostrich chilli for dinner tonight :)



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