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As a few others have said, for the short term while waiting for new parts you guys might want to try high temperature refractory cement:




Worth a shot to keep on cooking!


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Upon unboxing of my newly purchased grill,  I discovered a crack in my KJ dome in a similar location as the original poster.  My crack was not as severe and not as long in length, but near the hinge area and horizontal.  I was able to get it resolved using the formal process, though it took some time.  I am providing my timeline in case it helps you weather the wait.


April 24, 2020 - Submitted Warranty Claim 

April 24 - Received response via email (same day asking for additional picture) to validate diameter.  I responded the same day.

May 7 - Received email that replacement order for dome was placed, but it was on backorder until July, 2020

June 2 - Received call from shipping company to schedule deliver

June 3 - Received new dome.


I know there has been discussion on responsiveness to warranty claims and I too was worried while waiting for updates.   I imagine that timelines for you may be extended due to the popularity of the grills and the pandemic.   I hope that this helps in managing expectations.  I was fortunate that I could use my grill in the meantime and was very excited to receive the replacement part much earlier than forecasted.


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On 6/5/2020 at 10:21 PM, CentralTexBBQ said:

Why wouldn't the point of purchase be the first point of contact?



Then again, that would have needed to be done as soon as the damage was discovered...

Anyway, hope you get it straightened out soon

I did. They are the ones that referred me to Kamado joe

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2 hours ago, DQW said:

I did. They are the ones that referred me to Kamado joe


I understand, that wouldn't have sufficed for me. If I bought it from them and it is defective, it's a sale issue and not a warranty issue. And, I'm holding all the cards- namely, my credit card. They're going to make it right or the first thing I do is stop payment on the charge card and then they could come pick it up at their leisure.


That said, I was more forgiving when I obtained the then Costco KJ Show Bonus. The latch was missing on the Big Joe II and I did send in a warranty request. Then again, I had another Big Joe to cook on in addition to the Joe Jr. which sat unused in my garage for two years before I sold it... :-D

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