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Griddle for Joe Junior

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8 hours ago, kamababy said:



I am trying to find a griddle that will fit my Joe Junior. I was eyeballing the one in the link. Anyone tried it? Does it fit?




Thanks in advance.

The raised outwardly pointing handles are most likely a problem with the pan fitting the inward sloping dome.  Not on the junior, but I had the same problem on my classic with a carbon steel pan.  It would fit on the grill but I could not close the lid. 


Why not something like this?




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    • By PeteHr
      I recently treated myself to a cast iron plancha/griddle for my Monolith. Today I did the first cook with it, after seasoning it. 
      The griddle was heated up to around 550 (dome temp), and then a nice Cote de Boeuf went on for about 4 minutes a side:

      This then got about another 10 minutes (indirect) at about 300 in the gasser (where I had some potatoes baking) and then I griddled some Aubergine and Courgette slices which had been brushed with EVO and seasoned. I also did Asparagus the same way (but as this had been steamed for a few minutes then it went on later).
      The beef was wrapped and rested for a further 10 minutes, and was wonderful - nice and rare with a beautiful sear/crust on it (sorry no more pictures, my hunger took over !)
      The Aubergine and courgette were a bit greasy for my taste - I think they soaked up the fat that had come off the beef. The Asparagus was spot on.
      Overall I'm really pleased with the griddle - it certainly retains the heat once up to temperature.  It's reversible so I have a nice flat Plancha on the other side ready to try some other favourites over the coming days !
    • By HokieOC
      I have the cast iron griddle for my KJ and have used it on the top position.  I'd like to try steaks seared on the lower position, or pork chops like in John's new video.  But with CI, especially at high searing temps, wouldn't not only the temp but proximity to the fire burn the seasoning off?
    • By LargeRedJoe
      I have a friend who has a Joe Junior but isn't much of a cook. They mostly grill steaks. He's asked me how to best cook a whole chicken in the Junior, and since I don't have one I thought I'd ask the Kamado Guru universe. I'm assuming he'll need the same basics as cooking in a full-size Kamado Joe (brining, rubs, etc.), but any tricks or tips specific to the Junior? 
      - George
    • By PiggySmalls
      Hello, I just got a joe jr on Craigslist and it has a broken handle and is missing the grate and deflector rack. Does anyone know where I can get the deflector rack in the states or have an extra one?   Can find a grate and make a handle. Thanks in advance!!
    • By michaelt
      Anyone ever hear of the Royal Gourmet® Pro 6-Burner Gas Griddle GB6000? It looks like the Blackstone but has 6 burners instead of 4 and it is quite a bit longer at 44 inches giving a total of 860 square inches. A lot of other specs look similar. It's also better looking IMO, more in line with the Blackstone stainless model.
      Any guys who have one or a griddle want to weigh in on the design choices?
      I've been looking at the Blackstone or Camp Chef for a while but can't decide and now there is another contender :(
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