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Yet another episode of living in the mountains

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One of the first things you have to learn if you move to the rural / urban interface, is that other critters also call the place home. They were there, before you were, and to be happy and safe you need to learn to live among em. 


Taken a couple nights ago by my neighbors back property trail cam 


My neighbor is a great guy and  is a new arrival from Cali, he thought putting out a tub of water for the deer, during dry conditions would be a nice thing to do. Problem is, in the desert, everybody is thirsty and you can't really control the guest list. Where there are deer and water, pretty soon these show up. 


Heres some pics from my buddies property in Nor Cal





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3 hours ago, Scott Roberts said:

Looks to be a Mother and her almost grown cubs, I have seen in recent years that the Jaguar is making a comeback to Arizona!



Yes, I believe they have a mating pair that they collared with WiFi gear and follow closely. They generally hang way down South by the boarder. They also stay away from developments and pretty much stick to wild  open lands. Pretty rare to get a glimpse of one. We also have some Mexican Grey Wolves they introduced several years ago in the Grand Canyon National Park. They are doing well and now branching out into other areas. We have had a few sightings here in Prescott. Pretty majestic creatures but most ranchers hate em with a passion.Easy to understand with how much they kill and the price of sheep and cattle. 

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