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I have been a long time member here, I started my Kamado 4 years ago on a BJ special Brinkman, now out of business. Well my firebox cracked as did my place setter, but that thing taught me a lot about cooking on a Kamado and ensuring how to seal it up and overcome that models challenges. 


Well today I join the Egghead club in a big way with the BGE XL. I am super stoked to get grilling on my new baby. 



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Very nice set up, very functional and yet quite classy. That looks like a Cypess table those things  are very durable, and do well in the weather. Enjoy your new grill. By the way ,should any warranty issue arise later, BGE requires proof of purchase, and you will want to be prepared for that. So, 2 things your need to do right away, # 1. Make a couple copies of your receipt and purchase info and put them in different  places, so you won't loose them. And #2.Call or email BGE and register your grill. Those two things will make any warranty situations  a "no worries issue". Also when you register your grill BGE sends you their online magazine with recipes, tips, new products, Egg Fest dates and locations, and such, I enjoy going through it, when it comes I think every 1/4. Congratulations,, Now go get that bad boy dirty and  enjoy your new Egg.

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