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Thermoworks Signals / Bellows and the Keg


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Hey all..


I commented on the Fireboard / Thermoworks posts in the accessories section... Basically, I wanted the Fireboard, but ended up with the Signals due to availability and shipping in Canada.. Not happy with my final decision, but still testing the signals (and the new app).


But thought I would share how the Signals and Bellows works with the Keg 5000...

Now for the mounting of the fan... I cheated!! I bought a BBQ Guru adapter for the keg some time ago and I cut it down to be able to mount the square Billows fan. Note: I just received a Pit Viper fan from BBQ Guru and it can still mount with this modification - See the pictures below - I butchered the mount, but I have still have options.


As for function of the Signals/Billows combo - I cant fault the control capabilities...  Graph of tonight’s cook is attached:


Pork shoulder on at 10am.... Steady for hours, bumped up temp after a long stall to 250.. But I didn’t open the lid till I added the Wings and corn cobs on at 6pm... Pork came off at 7:20 then I cranked the temp to up to 350 to finish the wings till 7:40... Then, knowing I would have pork leftover for pizzas tomorrow, I cooked a chicken breast in the residual heat to shred for pizza as well!

The new app (with notes and combined graph) is better, but still in beta with some minor issues... It is an improvement on the original ( looks good, status of wifi/Bluetooth shown)... But I couldn’t control the fan temp (probably as I had both apps running) and the beeps from the ‘MUTED‘ Signals still bug me!!


Food was fantastic - Especially the wings - dusted with Weber chipotle rub, cooked at 250 for an hour and then 350+ for 20 mins to caramelise!, so juicy!!

Let me know if you have any questions on Keg fit, operation or the apps!!








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I’m really pleased with the setup on my big joe. The new app is a big improvement and the developers have confirmed they’re looking into better note taking and an Apple Watch integration. With those things it’ll be pretty much perfect. 

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@&roid Agree - New app is much better - New icons (showing wifi, Bluetooth and fan status) are great, but they still need to add the fan status or speed to the graphs to please me!!
They have improved the device status indication - When Signals is offline, it still displays temperatures?? But at least it now has a big red bar to say ‘Not connected to WiFi’ (don’t recall an alarm being initiated though?)


Apple Watch interface would be awesome (I get alerts now on my watch if an alarm is activated in the app) and if they gave more functionality on the alarm set points for fan (along with the changes above) then it would be a contender with all the other apps on the market... 


For the chicken breast at the end of my cook, I used my ‘Meater’ probe rather than clearing the session on the Signals.. Three taps on the Meater app (add cook, poultry, chicken breast) then ‘start cook’ and I am away with alarms set... But different horses for different courses!!


Going to send my feedback to Thermoworks after my next cook - Roast chook tomorrow night!!


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