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How small can charcoal pieces get before you trash them?

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Like, I've been throwing away any pieces small enough to fall through the charcoal basket.  But what about pieces just barely big enough to stay in? Do you keep using them, even if they're essentially big pebbles?  Or is that too small?


Picture of what I mean:


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When I open a new bag of charcoal, I screen it and separate it into large, which goes in bucket for the BJ.  Then the medium/smaller pieces go into a bucket for the JR.  If it goes through the 1/2" screen it's garbage.  Then if it burns out and goes through the KAB, it's garbage.  It's a system that works for me but probably wouldn't work for everyone.

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I put lump like that in a plastic gallon ice cream bucket inside my charcoal storage bin. After loading larger pieces of lump I’ll spend the small pieces on top of that to fill the bowl. I have a stainless steel grate at the bottom of my Big Joe. Hate er falls through gets thrown away. 

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