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had an urge to experiment on bread and here is the result.  Higher in fiber and far more nutritious than regular bread.  It is also nice and airy/light.  A great sandwich loaf.




And a zoom for detail. 



It's about 17% flaxseed meal by weight, 6% nutritional yeast and 77% APF.  It holds up well, does great in a toaster and would be great for a grilled cheese. 


Flaxseeds are loaded with vitamins plus a great source of omega3 and fiber.  It's also carb neutral. 


Nutritional yeast is high in protein,  fiber and loaded with vitamins and minerals. 


The flavor was very good with a slight hint of nut.  Basically it reminds me of whole wheat bread except much softer.


From concept to loaf this took under 4 hours.  I imagine it would be even better with regular yeast and a day or 2 in the fridge but I don't have that much patience. 

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19 hours ago, daninpd said:

Develop patience, grasshopper, or you will never be a baker.  (Or have great pizza crusts)

10 years of bread and pizza crust in the books, hopefully 40 more.  This was a great Sammy loaf.  I'm sure I'll work my way into a 96 hour dough one day.

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