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Pit Controls

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I own a KJ Big Joe and want to buy a pit control.I've whatched videos on several including the Ikammand and Flame Boss 500.Just not sure which way to go, Please offer a few suggestions

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1st thing would be to read https://www.kamadoguru.com/announcement/57-johns-really-right-stuff-list/ which is also linked at the top of the forums.  My only problem with the iKamand is it doesn't have manual controls in case your wifi craps out on you that and I have a BGE.  I have a BBQ Guru Tempmaster Pro, but it doesn't really work with my XL Egg for higher temperature control, it'll probably be fine for low and slow (need to try it, but it was struggling to get to 450), but I can't recommend it for the XL or the Big Joe I think it needs a higher CFM fan.  It was really designed with the Akorn in mind and works fantastically with that.  BBQGuru has some new stuff that looks cool.  My friend has the older Cyber Q and loves it.  The FlameBoss stuff looks pretty good too.  I don't think you would go wrong with either the BBQGuru, FlameBoss, or the Fireboard.

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The recently announced "Fireboard 2 Pro"  is supposed to come with Type K thermocouples when it ships in August. If you want accuracy and higher temps too, that's a good way to get it.  Plus they seem to produce really good gear (no affiliation here). Other brand new Fireboard 2 models have just started shipping so you can read about them online. They look to be full featured and quite capable.

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Just found this on the Fireboard website in their knowledgebase, and it explains a few of the reasons you might prefer a controller that is designed to use thermocouples.


"The Pro model uses Type-K Thermocouple probes, which provide several key advantages. Type-K probes are robust and heavy duty, perfect for rugged use. The connector is also very strong, providing a stable pathway for reading temperature from the probe. Thermocouples can read high temperatures, much higher than thermistors [ Ed: What almost all "regular" controllers use]. This is ideal for pizza ovens, wood stoves, or general cooking at higher temperatures. Since Type-K Thermocouples are standardized, any Type-K probe can work with the FireBoard 2 Pro."


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Hi @Go Apps, I had just received a Fireboard 2 Drive (non-pro) and, so far, I'm pretty impressed with it. Easy and quick to set-up. Haven't actually had the opportunity to try it on a cook yet, though, and being so new it's likely not many haven't had the opportunity to run it through it's paces. Other than that, it appears solidly build with a weather 'resistant' enclosure. Took ten minutes to set up and start recording temperatures.


The RTD versions of their probes (versus the default thermistor) are rated to ~700F, as well. How well they actually hold up at those temps, I don't know.


As noted by Dogstar, the thermocouple version (pro) gives you the option to use industrial probes but with a reduced number of channels (four vs six). Looks like that version will be released later in the year.







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continues ... pair it up with their Android app and you can remotely view and control the unit (need to be connected to a network):



User defined events and alerts include notification by email and SMS (text messages):



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I am also looking at the Fireboard 2 Drive.....but I will probably wait for the Pro version to be released so I can use the K-Type thermocouples. 


I killed a PT-100 type probe yesterday from overheating it in the Kamado....

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I just checked the Fireboard website https://www.fireboard.com/ and Fireboard appears to have postponed delivery of the "Fireboard 2 Pro" model until sometime this Fall (2020).  Of course that means I'm thinking they've got until Sept 22 (first day of fall) while some poor production person at Fireboard is unfortunately now thinking they have a breather until Dec 21 (last day of fall). Regardless of the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), I guess I'll now be saving my COVID pennies for a while longer, unless some other company swoops in and saves us.

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