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I saw the adjustable height charcoal basket for the Akorn.  I use a Weber coal grate to hold my stainless diffuser/drip/water pan.  Couldn’t I just build the charcoal bed on that grate to get it nice and close to food when needed? Do you vary the the bed height and if so when and how do you do it?

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Please consider input from someone who has been doing this for a whole month. I use natural briquettes on the weber grate for smash burgers, with a griddle sitting on the top grate, and it works just like a weber grill. For reverse searing steaks, I use no more than 2 inches of lump in the firebox. The academy griddle is sitting on top of the weber for heat deflection, with a pan on top of that to catch drippings. When it is time to reverse sear, I pull the steaks, grill, and pan, and leave the vents open until the full firebox catches. Then, I sear the steaks on the cast iron. Note the importance of using a small amount of lump. If you use too much lump, you may smell melting paint, and that is a best case scenario.

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Height adjustable tray is not needed. Get rid of the briquettes and use lump charcoal. Lump burns hotter and VERY LITTLE ASH. I use my Akorn 3 times a week all year round. Winters are cold in Rochester NY doesn't matter! Just set up 2 zone cooking and sear steaks and put to the side to finish off. Adjust dampers to control heat and flame. I purchased the aftermarket (fake) divide and conquer system (Kamado Joe) with a half moon deflector stone. Works awesome for indirect cooking. The metal fire bowl on the Akorn doesn't have a wide edge for rack to sit on so I added small clamps as a shelf for rack system. I also enjoy using cast iron grates so I purchased half moon grate. 

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      Hi Pit Boss pitmasters, I made a charcoal basket for my Akorn but it turned out it'll fit over PIt Boss Kamado from Costco like a glove - a nice discovery from my neighbor. It makes two zone cooking very convenient. It's laser cut stainless steel and sits inside the fire bowl. The bottom tray is about 3" from the top of the grate. Pics attached. I bought an Akorn a few years back and started to make accessories for it as a hobby. Now it seems can go on as a little biz. Thanks for the support, mahalo!

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