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A Couple Fire Restriction Gasser Cooks

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Really hot and dry here and no real chance the fire restrictions will lift before mid to late August with the monsoon rains. Cant cook on my Egg or my Traeger during the restrictions, because they both produce ash.  In the mean time, you gotta eat so my Webber Summit has to carry the day. Here a couple of cooks. You have to get a bit creative with your cooking techniques but you can turn out some amazing cooks  on a gasser. 


Smoked Pork Chops. 


I can get away with using a smoke box on the Weber because the ash is completely contained inside a box, inside the grill. I soak the chips for a couple hours to reduce the chance they will actually flame.Then I use Jack Jumpers taco rack technique to stand the chops up on their bony end to catch as much pecan smoke as possible. Then finish them on the grill for a nice crust but super moist and smokey pork chop. 



For a side I did a CI pan with Spanish onion, Apples, and Cranberry in a bit of chicken broth with lots of savory spice and garlic. My wife folds the mixture into a risotto. Very tasty. 




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Another evening, I did a salmon piccata. using the gasser as a stove top with a griddle. I add sun-dried tomatoes and fresh Italian parsley to my piccata. Looks really nice and tastes delicious. If you want the piccata recipe PM me. 


The idea is get a nice crispy crust on the fish while keeping the flesh really moist and flavorful



Thes dishes are really crowdpleasers and you can cook them on pretty much any grill.

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