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Hello all, after weeks of reading this forum and learning from the experts I finally took the plunge and bought the Akorn Kamado Grill.  Yesterday I did my first cook and made 2 pizzas since that seemed to be the easiest and didn't really have to worry about keeping the temps too low.


I do not have a diffuser so I placed a 2" baking pan on top of the grill and placed my pizza stone on top of that.  The bottom of the firebox was covered in Vision lump coal and I added 4 chunks of apple wood, and let if burn for about an hour with top & bottom vents around 2.5.  I was surprised how long it took the grill to get to temperature, the first pizza was cooked at around 450F and I accidentally used wax paper instead of parchment and used a pizza screen for the cook - all in all took about 20 minutes to make and about half way through I removed the pizza and ripped off the wax paper.


The second pizza turned out much better, the grill was around 550 at this time and I placed on parchment paper directly onto the pizza stone.  After 2 mins I opened it up and removed the paper, slid right off the stone.  I let it cook for about 10 mins total and it turned out just the way I like, crisp crust with toppings fully cooked and very little charring.  


It was way more effort than baking in an oven, and the one thing I didn't like was the overpowering smoky smell/tasted.  I'm not sure if it was the amount of wood I used but next time will either try a different wood or none at all.  Also not really sure if I need a head deflector as this cheap setup seemed to work out well.


Anyway thanks for reading, and I welcome any tips/comments/suggestions.





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To get the grill up to temp for pizza you need to have the vents wide open for a pretty long while, especially with a deflector in there. Once the temp in the dome probe gets to around 445 for me I close the top down some. Once you start opening and closing to put pizza in there it levels out for me around 550. I found that to be the best temp. Also parchment gets destroyed at those temps in my experience, better to just put the dough straight onto the stone.

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