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Does A Full Packer Brisket Fit on the KJ Classic 2?

social assassin

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Hi Everyone,


I’m looking for any tips on how to cook a full packer brisket on my KJ Classic 2.  To date I have only smoked brisket twice; one time each of the Point & the Flat.  After seeing them in person at Costco it doesn’t look like it will fit on my KJ.  How do you make it work?


 I am not sure if I posted this question in the correct thread.


Take Care,


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It is a tight squeeze to be sure. I have seen people drape them over a foil wrapped brick, or a rib rack in the past.

I have done a full packer on mine, but it was a very very small brisket I saw and snapped up. I basically lucked into it.


That all being said, you could probably split the point and the flat and cook it like that, if you have an extender rack, or cut a piece off of the flat, freeze it and smoke it later.


Or, you could do what I do now, and not smoke brisket, but smoke chuck roasts instead, cheaper and easier and a whole helluva lot quicker to boot.

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I just did a big 15+ pound one this past weekend.  I used a Weber rib rack and draped it over the rack.  It fit fine that way.  There was no chance without the rack.  When I pulled it to wrap it, it had shrunk enough to lay flat and I eliminated the rib rack.  Bricks will work wrapped in foil, but I liked the rib rack to allow the area under the brisket to get the smoke and heat like it was on a grill grate.

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Ditto on draping over a Weber rib rack, you should be able to go up to 15 pounds or so with that method. I have a KitchenAid mixer with the meat grinder attachment and will go even bigger (I've bought 20 pounders before) and cut off some of the flat before smoking to make ground beef. That can also help even out the thickness of the brisket if you buy one with a very tapered flat.

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ive cooked a 22lb brisket on my KJ2. i also use a rib rack, just make sure to remove it after the brisket shrinks down a bit so you dont end up with a wonky shape. its mostly cosmetic, but the weird shape does make it a bit of a pain to slice.


Edit: wow i just realized this was an older post. but it just popped up on my side feed deal, so i thought it was new. hopefully the info is still helpful for someone lol.

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