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Covid19 Pass Time

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These have been showing up all around our neighbourhood during the lockdown.  Local families are painting them as tributes to front liners, etc and then placing them randomly in gardens and under trees all over the place.  When we go for our nightly walk we see them.  Yours are very well done!

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Yeah, we have been doing the same. The Indian Chief's  portrait went to a couple that just moved here. Had trouble with their builder and it took 2 years to finish their house, can you believe it.  We put another by the mailbox of a lady that just lost her husband about 6 months ago. We try to sneak and then don't talk about the fact we're doing this. Haven't been caught yet. We have several ideas and rocks in the works.  We try to do themes that fit with out high desert mountain habitat.  Very fun, and makes people smile. The garden is full, giving them away is much more fun.  

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Went for my morning walk and saw these local examples. All in a two block radius.  There are many more nearby with Covid references as well.  In the photos below, some are little mini galaxies, a tribute to the Jellybean houses in St. John’s NF, etc.  Enjoy!








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52 minutes ago, BURGER MEISTER said:

If I'd been born talented instead of so darn good lookin, I could paint like that too.:-D

We have or had a number of craft art shows on our town square. One time we walked a show, there was this fellow that had turned burl bowls. They were made of maple and juniper, and some had walls so thin you could actually see through them. I was just completely taken with the craftsmanship, and bought one. During the transaction, I asked the guy how did you ever learn to do this. In reply he stood up and held his hand over his head. Of course, I took the bait and asked what is that. To which he replied ,the height of the pile I threw away before I got the hang of it. Well:):):), he was a much more talented individual than I, but the same element applies here, as well. 


Here are some pics of the turned burl I bought.It weighs pretty much, nothing. Only skill and a couple layers of wood hold it together. It is probably been 12 years since I bought it. It hangs out in a display case. 




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59 minutes ago, skreef said:

Next week looking like off for me. Got a few projects that needs to get done,so once I get @ckreefdone with those projects, I can lay my whip down to actually maybe paint some.


Yea but I have to work next week. I'll get your sweetie to do list ready for you before I go to work Monday morning. B)


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