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To Serve or Not to Serve?

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Got family coming over today for BBQ.  Got 16 pounds of butt on the KJ at 6pm yesterday.  Temp bounced 220-250 until 10pm and I went to bed.  Work up at 6 am and the KJ was out.  I dont remember what the dome temp was but i think it was 150 or below.  I probed each side of the meat and the internal temps were 155-160 on each side. (Note that I didnt probe the meat before or during the cook). Ive now got it wrapped in foil and in the oven at 250.


Since the internal temp was above 140 this morning, I think im fine. But since i dont know what the Dome temp was, am I ok to serve the food? Is it ok if the surface of the butts are less than 140?  Never had this happen so im not sure what to do.  



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2 minutes ago, Panchango said:

If you want, just wrap it and throw it in the oven.  You already put smoke on it and just need to finish cooking it.

Been there. Done that. It turns out just fine. Simple as that. Wrap. Throw it in the oven. Eat. Enjoy.

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Thanks for all the feedback.  Finished in the oven for the final 3 hours or so.  Rested in cooler for an hour.  Pulled and served.  Everyone loved it.  My wife actually thinks its the best one ive done so far.  ha!  Really glad you guys told me to keep it!  Looking forward to posting more!



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The bonus of finishing in the oven (at least the times I have had to do it)...your house has that pork smell for a couple days or two.

The downside...opening the bedroom door the next morning, that smell hits, you think there may be bacon...but there is no bacon.


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