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So I have myself an Akorn for about 4 years. Through a couple moves while building a new house, it was pretty neglected... sat outside, uncovered through winter, rain, etc. Needless to say due to the metal build, it rusted something bad. I ended up getting rid of it and decided I'd see what the Weber Kettle hype was all about. I picked myself up Kettle Master Touch.......... wow...


I freaking hated it. Was horrible to keep temps. Took forever to get up to temp. Was terrible to use with lump (as it fell through the grates)... just a bad overall experience. Cooked on it about 4 times then sold it. Now... I live in a VERY windy area. Like 10-15 mph winds almost constantly.... so I'm sure that played a part... but it was no enjoyable.


I decided to pick myself up a new Kamado Joe Classic from Lowes for $650..... I'm in love.

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I grew up with a Dad who used so much lighter fluid, our grill didn't matter, everything tasted like gas and my insides are probably still slighly petrified by all of the crap we consumed, so when we got our first gas grill, it was a noticeable improvement in food quality (less gas taste from a gasser - if you can believe it).


Fast forward 25 years and I bought a Traeger XL.  Yes, I went full in on a smoker (at least in size), but that bad boy could fit a whole hog, and have some room for some ribs.  I LOVED it, but I still thought it was limited and I missed charcoal.  So, I had a Napolean gasser and bought a Weber Kettle.  Loved them both.  Unfortunately, wifey did not love the clutter so I made a deal with her because I wanted a KJ, so the deal was two of the existing 3 had to go.  Bye bye Traeger and Weber, hello KJ.  


Miss the Traeger and Kettle, but the KJ is my Mona Lisa.  The versatility, the taste of food, the ease of use.  For me, it's the best grill I've ever owned.  I paid over $2k up here in the great white north and it was worth every penny.

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