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Storing strawberries so they stay fresh a long time

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I read a tip the other day on how to store fresh strawberries so I tried it and it works beyond belief.

I only buy organic strawberries due to the large amount of pesticides they are known to carry if not raised organic and I always seem to have some go bad before all were eaten.

Not any more, the ones pictured have been in my fridge for a week and are fresh as the day I bought them.

Here's how to do it.

Do not WASH dry them in water, let them air dry on the counter with an inch or two space between each to get rid of any moisture they may have picked up at the store.

Use clean dry mason jars, don't crowd too much and tighten the lid.

That's it.





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My two girls love fruit, I'm amazed sometimes at how quickly large bowls of cherries or strawberries can disappear. But they are not as good at finding and eating them when they are in the fridge! Like you we always have some that go bad. I will try this trick with our next batch of strawberries.

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