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Imperial Kamado Replacement Hinges?


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I have someone offering me an old Imperial Kamado. It's got some issues but the biggest one is that the hinges are completely broken. I'm having a really hard time verifying what could work as a replacement. I know the it's 16" grill grate so I believe it's considered to be the "large" imperial model but i'm not 100%.

Any info would be greatly appreciated! 

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I recently inherited an Imperial Kamado from my late dad.  I estimate it's probably 30-35 years old but the body of the unit is still in great shape, no cracks in the firebox or fire ring.  I just ordered a new grill, vent plate and nomex lining along with a deflector plate to cook pizzas.  I'm not interested in repainting the Kamado as I quite like the patina that's formed on it over the years but I wouldn't mind replacing the metal hardware like the hinges as they look pretty rusted.  Any suggestions for how or where to get some replacement parts for the old hinges and metal hardware handle for opening/closing the grill?  Also, I wouldn't mind getting a new wagon cart for the grill as it's also seen some rust from all the rain over the years. 


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