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What should my second BBQ be?

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Hey everyone, I’ve been battening in my head over a decision, so I decided to seek  the community’s advice!

My current situation:

- Kamado Joe Classic II, which I’m absolutely in love with. Best purchase I ever made!

- I have a ton of classic griddled/accessories.

- I mostly use it to reverse-sear steaks, and make smash burgers on the cast iron griddle.

- I occasionally grill chicken and seafood, but the primary use is steaks and burgers.

- I love low-and-slow cooking but have not really dabbled in serious smoking.


What I’m looking for:

- More capacity when I’m hosting larger BBQs. Right now, the 18” Kamado doesn’t cut it.

- I wanna be able to cook 2 things in parallel. Like steaks and burgers... or steak and fish.

- Compactness helps, as I live in a townhouse with a patio/terrace but no backyard.


Options I’m considering:

-  Replace classic with a big joe (but I still

wouldn’t be able to do parallel cooks)

- Add a 2nd Kamado (classic, big joe or big green egg?)

- Add a Weber Summit kamado/grill.

- Add a Weber Performer kettle.


The Weber Performer is the least costly, but I don’t just want to make the decision based on cost.


What do you think I should do? Which option would you take if you were me. Or do you have an other opinion that’s not included above. 

Thank you for your help!

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Id say you would be hard pressed to beat a Weber Kettle and a charcoal chimney for what you need.  Without the need to do longer smokes...can easily handling cooking whatever you want on it and the KJII.  And the cost makes it easier then to get accessories for it as well. And if you have the room on the patio...build a table that holds both the KJ and the Kettle.

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Believe it or not, I find my Weber Summit gasser is the perfect accompanying piece to my large BGE. It is quick, easy, and I use it like a stove top. Using techniques learned on my kamado, I can turn out steaks that easily rival those I cook on my Egg, 

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I used to call my Joe Jr. my second grill.  I just recently picked up a MasterBuilt Gravity Feed 560.  It is now my my second grill, sometimes my first depending on what I am cooking.


I did do some chick 1/4's on on the Jr last night just to give her some love........

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Thank you all for the very helpful replies!

If I decide to go Weber, is Performer Deluxe vs Summit simply a price decision? If I have the money to spend, should I go for the Summit? Or is it not as useful given that I will have a KJ Classic II available as well?

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Just reading thru this thread and then rereading your intial post paying particular attention to your last bullet in the "current situation" discussion personally I would nix the summit and kamado.

I agree with @keeperovdeflame a good gas grill would make an excellent side kick to your Joe.

I have a couple of gassers and my Phoenix produces the best steaks of any grill in my herd with the exception of my Sunterra Santa Maria Grill.

If you want to stay in the charcoal realm the kettle is the cheaper option and you could add accessories as you go (rotis, SNS, etc). Depending on your limited space you have multiple sizes to choose from. I have had a kettle in my herd since the 70's and would not dream of voting it off the island. I also have a PK original. Love the grill. Grate space is limited and has a small foot print. Some folks on here have the 360 and they can talk about that.

Lastly if you are willing to spend new Summit/Kamado money and want to stick to lump or briquettes you might want to look at a Hastybake. My wife bought herself one (Gourmet) and its massive grate space wise. I know it will cook a great steak just have not done one yet on it. However the rotis chicken off it is incredible.

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My second grill was My Big Joe then the 3rd was a Classic Joe then my 4th was a Jr. Now I have a Rec-Tec Pellet grill and yes I find time to use all of them LOL and this is my Wife after I bought a Blackstone


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The BEST CASE scenario would be to add a second 18" kamado.  That gives you a lot more options than having a single larger kamado.  If you dont' wanna add a second kamado, add a second grill of some sort.  If capacity is an issue you can have a look at some pellet grills also.

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Entertaining? I remember that!


At the house we have 14", 18" and 24" kamados, a Weber Performer, and a 36" Blackstone griddle. I use the Weber the least by far (not yet used in 2020) and the Blackstone the most by far (weeknight dinner and weekend breakfast go-to). 


Of the kamados, I use the 18" the most and the 14" the least. The 24" does all of my briskets and ribs and turkeys. I am glad I have it but a vast majority of my cooking is done on the 18". @John Setzler's recommendation of second 18" kamado is spot on as your accessories will work for both.


For what you describe, "steaks, burgers, occasional seafood and chicken" I would absolutely recommend a griddle, and then continuing to experiment with your kamado (joetisserie and dojoe!). The Blackstone can easily feed burgers/hot dogs/steaks to a huge group, and you can experiment with chicken and pork in the kamado. You will also love the griddle for weeknight meals and breakfasts. 

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