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First in person look-C8 Z51 Stingray

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11 months ago my 87 year old neighbor ordered a 2020 Vette.  This weekend it finally showed up.  It looks amazing in person, it already looked great online but man, wonder in person.


He is a bit of a car nut and already has a '63, '72, '84 and '14 Vette along with 2 Deloreans.   


For anyone unaware C8 designates the 8th redesign of the Corvette.  The 2020 Vettes are the most anticipated new car, maybe ever.  It's the first ever mid engine Vette and boasts 495 hp in the base model and does 0-60 in less than 3 seconds.   Imagine the Z06 or ZR1.  It's a super car for $65k.












I am a Corvette fan and just wanted to share in the event there are others here.

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Awesome! My neighbor recently finished a second building for his Corvette collection. He is refusing to say which C8 is on order, but I cannot wait to see the monster that arrives. My oldest asked me once why we did not have cool cars like that and I was tempted to reply, "you!".


It will be a long while, but I imagine I will own a C8 at some point. It checks too many boxes for the long dormant gearhead in me. In the meantime, our supercar remains our minivan.  



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