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2020 Mid Atlantic Gardening


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A combination of the weather and being home every day is really something. My lawn looks like a golf course just from being able to fertilize with the precision of a farmer and mowing every couple of days. We added 2,500sqft to the fenced in back yard and reclaimed an additional 2,000sqft of wooded ground with 30 cuyds of mulch. 


That does not even get to the garden. Being able to be out there at the right time, even ten minutes a day, is a game changer. Broccoli? From home. Kale? From home. Basil? Sweet, Purple, or Thai? Strawberries? My kids pick and eat. Mint? I wish I knew I BBQ recipe that needed Lbs of mint. Additionally, I ordered and planted Honeycrisp and Pixie Crunch Apple trees now in a triangle with my producing Granny Smith. We are making the most of this here.


All of that said, my real love is growing peppers. Bells are coming in, Jalapenos are huge, Habaneros are doing well. All of those pale to shi####os this year, which are coming in at both a quantity and size I can hardly believe. In an era when we cannot entertain, I am about to start having to leave them at the curb. Pan is a 12" Carbon Steel Lodge. Unreal. 



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As a fellow mid-atlantican, this post makes me sad.


My garden has been HOT GARBAGE this year, despite all of the extra attention its gotten. It was so cold here in central maryland so late, that I am literally months behind where I would normally be. I have the beginnings of a good jalapeno harvest, and my carrots and kale went absolutely bonkers, but I have had zero squash, my okra is still 10" tall, I have one (ONE!) visible green tomato, and the cukes are doing......alright? I can't get female flowers on my zukes/yellow squash at all, and one of the plants is as big as the hood of my car!

I couldnt find shi####os plants at the store until two weeks ago, so theyre going to be super duper late this year, but they're growing well.


We also have very few pollinators this year, i've counted four butterflies in my yard, and my clover in my grass, the lavender in the front, etc is normally is swarming with bees, but this year...not at all....


Friends of mine in Annapolis are having much better success, I just think this year is going to be an off one.

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What a bummer! I am surprised how local things are. 


Give the peppers are little time. Ten days ago I was thinking things were slow and I was wondering about this year, now we are eating them. 

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