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DynaQ temp controller for Akorn question

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Just ordered a BBQ Guru DynaQ temp controller for my Akorn. One question I have is the top vent setting. Do I leave it open or shut it almost completely off? Also the damper on the fan itself? Any other tips? Thanks everyone.

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You'll have to experiment with it.  It's almost the same, for me, as the guide that's pinned somewhere in the Akorn forum without the controller.  The benefit is that I can just walk away and the blower will maintain temp with no user input until it runs out of fuel.  For 225 - 275F and holding there all day with the BBQube I set it to about that half moon crescent showing.  Going higher in temp means about 1-2 on the top vent, say for 350F.  Anything in the 500F+ range I ditch the blower and just use the vents for fear of melting something.

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On 7/1/2020 at 9:57 AM, Ophbalance said:

I set it to about that half moon crescent showing.


I use an older Guru PitMinder, half moon on the top is right.  On the Guru I set the damper to 50%.  Other tips:

  • Start small - I use a small chimney to light some lump fully then put in middle at the bottom.
  • Set the Guru about 50 degrees shy of your target temp for about 25 minutes, then adjust to target temp.  It will maintain temp down to 230 degrees or so all night long.

As Ophbalance says, lose the Guru for 350+ you won't need it and you don't want to toast the sensor (done that).

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