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Big Joe vs Classic

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Welcome to the forum.  The Big Joe is 24 inches.  BJ and the classic are different sizes.  Think the Classic is 18 grid.  Then you get into the original and the II and the III.  .  Which one you get depends on how much space you need.  Original have had hinge issues so they went to the easy lift hinge on the II & III.  Same with the Classic.  Big Joe III has the easy lift hinge and comes with the sloroller.  Lots get the Classic and works quite nicely for them, especially with an aux. grate inside.  Search the forum and you'll find lots of opinions on the usage and different requirements you will need for Classic and/or the Big Joe.

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Biggest difference is size... family of 4 classic is great and it uses less fuel. Larger family or frequent entertaining the big joe is your guy...

you probably already bought one, either way you have a great cooker


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7 hours ago, Daver said:

...classic is great and it uses less fuel...


Daver - I don't find that my BJ uses any more fuel than my Classic.  I can't prove it scientifically but if it does, it's not enough for me to tell.  These days, the only time I light my classic is when I'm wanting to grill something while I'm smoking on the BJ.  I am a firm believer that anything the Classic can do, the BJ can do as well or better.  The exception to that are for accessories available only for the Classic (Joetisserie).

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On 7/1/2020 at 2:03 PM, Chaim85014 said:

... between the big Joe 24 inch or the classic 24 inch ...

The difference is Classic II vs Classic I; both are Big Joes if they're 24s. I have Classic I. Everything inside is compatible between the two, or upgradable under warranty if it fails (firebox ring). There's also a Classic III that's different inside. 


Classic II comes with an upgraded gas spring hinge-gasket-latch system that avoids the issue with spring fatigue in the original Big Joe hinge. It's nice; the lid lifts itself, but you have to latch it and be nice to the thick gasket. You also get an upgraded top vent with a hat so rain can't get in? I didn't see the point of this change....


Stay well,


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I think there's some classification confusion going on in this thread.


The 18" grills are called the Classic, the Classic II, and the Classic III.

The 24" grills are called the Big Joe, the Big Joe II, and the Big Joe III.


(Which is to say, the "Big Joe Classic" is not a thing.)

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