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I Call Your Slab of Plate Ribs and Raise You Five

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Cooking Plate Ribs on the 4th is a tradition for me now. Interupted last year by a double Tomahawk Steak cook. But now things are back to normal- at least cooking wise and the cook has grown from two slabs to six~ about thirty pounds. Also cold smoking 6lbs of fresh caught Atlantic Salmon.


My man @Golf Griller, if you don't mind making a trip across the river, I may have a bone for you. :rofl:

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8 hours ago, USFSSmokey said:

Looks amazing. Curious where or what is that rack system you have



Thanks! The bottom grate is custom from The Burn Shop. The top is a cheap 21" Weber grate from Lowes elevated by, (if I remember correctly), 3/8" x 6" SS bolts, washers and nuts.

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Posted (edited)

I guess in all the stress of the cook and serving that i did get a pick of the finished rib. Normally cook these until they shred with a fork. I purposely pulled these short. In the low to mid 190° so that they have more of a steak quality. Still far more tender than a steak but, a little shy of fork only.




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