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Grill grate falls into grill


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On 7/6/2020 at 11:46 AM, Heli_Guy said:

For those with Big Joe III 24", even when they're oriented correctly they'll fall down during cleaning with the brush.

That solution or using bolts will solve that issue, advantage of bolts is they're fixed to the grates so easier to work with.



Grate Falling Down Solution 1.jpg

Grate Falling Down Solution 2.jpg

Grate Falling Down Solution 3.jpg

What size screws and nuts are these?  I am having the same problem and would like to pick some up from Home Depot

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Glad I’ve found a fix, I’m new to these and got the big Joe 3, first ever brisket on it and fell straight in! Can’t believe they have not provided a Fox for this.. £2.5k bbq! I’ll get a U bolt I think rather than bend the rack. Thanks all.. got a lamb shoulder on right now


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So I bent the rack side inwards slightly to hold the racks in place better. The front section bent (only very slightly) absolutely fine and holds the top rack much better now. The other other  at the back..ping, one of the welds at the bottom broke, it's looser than ever now.:| Anyway it was a cheaper imitation of d&c rack from Amazon...  I have got some silver 55 rod for brazing the stainless steel back together again and will give it a go tomorrow

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If I get a bit aggressive on the scraping, or using a big spatula to scrape up a 24 hour pork butt, I run the risk of dropping a grate. A lot of times I use some gloves to hold the grate in place while I do that. The nuts & bolts trick might be the ticket.

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