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Good deal or not on a Monolith?


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  I have an opportunity to buy a Monolith classic (by size, pretty sure it isn't Le Chef) and looking for opinions on both the grill itself and whether it's a good price. About 1 year old, in good condition, with stones/grates, a CyberQ Cloud controller, and a table built by the owner. Unsure how well the control fan works (I couldn't get it to start with the CyberQ just fiddling around without lighting coals, and the owner said they never really figured it out). I've worked the seller down from $1575 to $1100 for everything, no tax, I pick it up myself. 


1. What do you think about this brand and model? An established German company but only in the US market a few years without much penetration yet. Made in China, maybe at the KJ factory? 

2. Is this a fair price, or should I try to work lower? I had planned to go with either the Ceramic Akorn or Grilla Kong at lower prices (without table), but is this worth spending a little extra?





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Who knows?  But in today's market I can't imagine there are a lot of fish eying his lure.  In buying horses to sell, the guy I learned from said "Horses are like buses, there'll be another one along in a little while".  That's a pretty big project to move.  If you are equipped to move that, how many other interested parties are?  It might be one of those "I'll get it out of you life for .....? moments).

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They are good, solid grills and much better known here in Europe. I have the Le Chef Pro version and it's excellent. I don't have CyberQ fan or controller, but I do have a Fireboard 2 setup on the way.


That's a nice table setup too.


Why not offer an even $1K if you are prepared to go and pick it up?

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