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Relocating to North Dallas

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I am considering relocating to North Dallas for a job opportunity. My wife and I are expecting our first child at the end of the summer and I was hoping fellow Kamado Gurus might be able to provide some insight regarding the region. Thanks for any information and insight you might be able to share. 

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Make sure the house you move into has a newer HVAC system and modern insulation installed.

You will need both, it gets Africa hot.

I still can't believe my high school (1968) offered open windows for cooling..but then again the house we lived in had an attic fan system, and no AC.

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What would you like to know specifically?  I have been in the area since the 70's.   (Denton, just north of Dallas. 


In my opinion don't move to Dallas but instead move to one of the cities to the north.  There are some great communities from Addison to Frisco and across to Denton south to Lewisville/Carrollton area.  


You will always need to drive somewhere around here, it's very spread out but in the area I outlined you can find a variety of home types and will be pretty close to anything you can imagine. 


The further south of Frisco and Denton you go the worse the traffic.  When I drive in to the metroplex I always use the tollways.

If you like boating there are several large lakes, if your wife like shopping you'll be in luck, the metroplex has some of the best shopping in this region of the country. 


There are lots of museums,  water parks, amusement parks etc.


Let me know specifically what you would like to know.


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