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KJ Classic III Supply Issue?

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Hi all!

I had purchased a KJClassic III in mid-June and the store here said 2 weeks for delivery.  Well 4 weeks went by and they dropped off a KJ Classic bbq cover stating the rest of the order was on back order.  I now here it's going to be earliest August 31st before the KJCIII hits the warehouse - so I'm basically missing all bbq season (which is short here in Canada).  Anyone else hearing about supply chain issues?  I know it's a grill I'll have for decades, so the wait is minor in the grand scheme of things but thought I'd post here to have the experts weigh in.


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To avoid starting a new thread, I had the opportunity to buy the classic 2 for $975 or the 3 for $1425 locally, both could be here early next week. This would replace my Akorn altogether. I've placed the order for the 3 because it sounds like the 3 is worth paying $500 more than the 2 per John's post comparing the two. Something about buying the classic 3 for more than I bought the Big Joe 2 from the same place feels funny, but I think it's the right call? Guidance here?

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