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Getting pizza dough onto pizza stone...having issues

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On 7/15/2020 at 5:58 PM, adm said:

.If it does get stuck, lift up the side and blow under it. That will often free it


+1 to this. 

And dont let it sit too long. Jiggle it while on the peel to make sure it hasnt stuck.

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Parchment paper, 100% reliable, affordable and no special tricks required. 


I roll out 2 to 4 crusts at once, put each on a piece of parchment and stack them.  Cover the top one.  This makes it easy to move them around the kitchen.  They will also rise while preparing the kamado and toppings. 


When ready, take the top one and dress it.  Then using scissors trim the paper to match the shape of the pie and cook it.  Pull the paper after a few minutes or just leave it. 


Rinse and repeat.

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Easy, after filling the bowl with hot water to heat it, I fill a smaller bowl with very hot water and invert the large one over the top of the smaller one to help keep the large one warm, after dumping the water first of course.

Most of my pizza dough expanding problems were/are due to my house being ice cold in the summer due to excessive A/C use so "room temp" dough was still too cold to expand without drawing back.

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