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Getting Closer - Chuck Roast

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This one came out with great bark.  I ended up using FOGO lump on this round and some hickory thrown on for smoke.  And the cooking time surprised me by going out much longer than on the cowboy lump I'd used previously for a similar weight Chuck Roast cut.  I did NOT wrap at the stall and I regret it.  Taste was on point, but it just dried out too much.  A pity but I'm getting closer to looks good and tastes good and is juicy.





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Looks like your getting closer. My left over chuck ends up as stew. I noticed the window on a juicy chuck is narrow plus i think beef drys out quicker than pork after cutting.. I'm planning on my next one to wrap before its done adding some beef stock This way i'll have some juice to go with it 

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