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What have you cooked on your JoeTisserie?


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I have my new JoeTisserie  showing up today and wanted to know what are some of the best things that you have cooked on the JoeTisserie? I know the obvious chicken and turkey but what are other great options?

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I got mine a month or two ago and love it. 

I did a char siu pork belly at the weekend:




really pleased with how it turned out, tender and juicy with a great crust. 

the main thing I’m learning from it so far is that you can cook at a wide range of different temps, but adding a bit of sugar to a rub and then glazing with a sugary or honey based sauce is a great way to get good colour at lower temps. Which is the same as non- rotisserie bbq I guess, I just seem to notice it more with the Joetisserie. 

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I have done numerous turkeys and chickens and Cornish Hens on my Classic.  I have an extra set of forks from Amazon, so I can more easily do two birds at once, two smaller chickens will fit, just barely, on my classic, and I've done up to about a 17 pounder turkey, which is about as big of a turkey I would reccommend you cook anyway (if you need more than that, buy two smaller turkeys)


I have a napoleon basket, which I've tumbled wings in, and if my pepper plants take off this year, i will be tumbling jalapenos and shi####os in that basket as well. If I had a good source for raw peanuts, or walnuts, I would do those in there too. Beware though, that basket is a total PITA to clean by hand.


I also have a flat basket, which I have done whole fish in, and its fantastic. One day, I will be doing a spatchcocked chicken in there, or a whole mess of chicken thighs, or full turkey wings, or pork chops.


One day I'll do a rib roast. That'll be a good day.





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New here and thought I'd chime in with my weekend with a new JoeTisserie for my BJ.  


Finally found one in stock at the local BBQ shop and picked it up on a whim.  With a bunch of people coming over, my first cook needed to be 3 6lb chickens.  This probably violated some best practices ;-)


Fed about 12 people who universally thought it was the best chicken they'd ever ate.  Seasoned it with a BBQ Chicken rub from LaGrille which was also a chance find as a bunch of spices were on sale.    Had to do some work to get all the birds on and stable but it worked out in the end - probably taxed the motor a tad more than I wanted.


Had so much fun the Saturday, I grabbed a top sirloin roast at Costco for Sunday and had the same folks back.  This time around I did some potatoes and veg/garic in the fire box which also worked awesome.   The pictures don't do the roast justice and I neglected to take some shots post carve, but needless to day, it was pink and juicey.


All told, despite being WAY expensive, I'd buy this thing again tomorrow - fit perfectly on my older BJ and no smoke leak at all and with a mix of lump/briquettes held 330-350 pretty steadily.





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