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Chicken Strips Grilled on the Masterbuilt 1050


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1326316742_BreastStrips.thumb.jpeg.d7741a43d2be512148c7281cac92223b.jpeg     1775271203_ItalianFusion.thumb.jpeg.5df30a88faa9cc6ce2a76f8547deaa6e.jpeg



2 Chicken half breasts cut into ½-inch strips

Marinade Ingredients

1½ Tablespoon of Italian Fusion Seasoning

1 Cup of garlic infused extra virgin olive oil

¼ Cup of balsamic vinegar



1.  Marinate the chicken strips for at least an hour (longer is fine)

2.  Preheat the Masterbuilt 1050 to 400° with apple chunks in the ash basket for smoke.

3.  Grill on Frog Mats until the internal temperature is 160°

4.  Flip after 8 minutes

5.  I grilled for 16 minutes and the IT was slightly over 160°



The 1050 registered 400° but my Fireboard, with the temperature probe within an inch of the Masterbuilt’s probe, but close to and pointed at the cold food, registered closer to 360-365°.



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