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Freezing Pizza Dough

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I'm going to be making a pizza tonight on the KJC. Instead of trying to make my own dough my wife purchased some pizza dough from a local pizza shop whose dough we like. She bought two balls of the dough, and I'm going to only make one pizza tonight. Can I freeze the other ball of dough to use later in the week? If so, what is the best way to package it to freeze? the dough was just wrapped in saran wrap. Also, how long can I keep it in the freezer?

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I have making my own dough and usually make enough for 5 balls. If I will be using less I will freeze one or two balls. I just use a ziplock bag, one bag per ball. Place it in the freezer in a way that it keeps it shape. I have been using them within a couple months and they have been fine.


When you are ready to use them, pull them out with plenty of time to thaw and then let them rise again for an hour or two after the thaw point.



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