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Some guy from Georgia just taught this Pacific Northwesterner how to make perfect crispy skin salmon

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A little background. For the past month or so I've been cooking salmon once a week with the goal of perfecting it on the grill. My wife does it great with a combination of the stovetop and broiler on cast iron but I've never been able to get it down on the grill using the CI half moon. It's always been burnt, following the recommendations of several techniques I've found online. I responded to something @John Setzlerwrote on Facebook jokingly asking him to help me perfect crispy skin salmon. To my surprise, John responded by making this video: 


I just cooked this up tonight following his recipe by the letter except using my CI instead of soapstone and it came out absolutely perfect. I'm sitting here basking in the glow of the best salmon I've ever enjoyed. I forgot to get a skin picture but just refer to John's video to see exactly how it came out. 


Thank you so much, John. I will be following this technique from here on out. Absolute perfection.



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