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Heat leaking from ashtray solved by vision?


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Received the Home Depot version of Visions Kamado today. After reading numerous posts/reviews about air leaks around the ashtray, I was prepared to start sealing with permatex sealant but was wondering if Vision themselves solved the problem? On my unit there is a rubber gasket with black sealant around the tray area. Is this the "new fix" by Vision or has this always been the way it came from the factory and still leaks? The bottom is a little loose and I can move it so I figure it might need a little more sealant. The factory job is a little sloppy but oh well. I still plan on installing felt around the ashtray itself and the knobs


If you zoom the pictures you can see the sealant behind the rubber gasket.






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On 7/26/2020 at 7:55 PM, Tracksoup said:

Mine is the same, bought it in April 2020 at Home Depot. I had placed a couple of washers under the metal supports for the ash tray and it has sealed up now.

hi Tracksoup, I'm new here and have a Vision B Classic from Sam's. Can you show a pic on where you put the washers ? I can't seem to get a constant 250-275 on my grill. It keeps creeping to 325. I suspect it's the ash vent (bottom) and not the vent on top. This will be helpful for me. Thanks in advance. 

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