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Scam call- had some fun with scammer

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Today I received call saying suspicious transactions on account and to press 1 to speak to security agent,  so I decided to have some fun and pressed 1, individual identified themselves and security agent and they ask whom I was, I replied Crna Ruka and spelled it out for them then they ask my name again and I said call being monitored for quality purposes, i then replied name was Crna Ruka again and spelled it out again, they asked for account number and I replied although your number indicates North American number our system we are doing IP trace as our system has identified call is originated outside of North America.  The person hung up immediately after I said that.    Spoofed Number from my province is now blocked on my phone, I know these scammers keep spoofing numbers.   I suspect that individual googled Crna Ruka, that that was why they likely hung up as they were never going to get my information.   I wish more can be done to block numbers that are spoofed,  you think telecom companies could program systems to confirm location of call and IF location doesn’t match location indicated by spoofed number, just block of from ever ringing.   Too many scam calls these days,  

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Fun!  I have gone through a series of different methods to annoy them.  One of my favorites was answering, "Thanks for calling KLGB Radio, your on the air!  What do you think about our last caller?"

Another time a tech support guy wanted access to my computer.  I kept him on the phone forever telling him I was trying to do what he wanted but my computer was slow and old, it rebooted a couple of times etc.  I explained that my kids got me the computer in 1980.  Finally he started asking me about any online shopping or bill pay I do and at that point I started to explain that my kids took all my money and won't let me buy anything.  How they dumped me in a home and never see me.  I was grateful for the $60 a month I got for the vending machines down the hall etc...  etc...

After 20 some odd minutes he said, "I need to go" and hung up.  He had amazing patience as he tried to connect remotely and put software on my computer.

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Back in the pre-cell phone days when the long distance companies were always trying to get you to switch to their services, my dad would always tell them something like, "NO! I don't want to pay less for my long distance. I believe you get what you pay for, and I want the best service I can get. So I want to always pay top dollar for everything." Their script never had a reply for that.

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