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What to do about a waterlogged tri-tip

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I've been thawing a steak in the fridge the last couple of days to cook tonight but it wasn't moving along fast enough for me. Last night I put it in some water and left it in the fridge overnight. It turns it there was a hole in the packaging so I woke up this morning to find the water tinted red and the steak a sad gray.


So I have a half day to doctor this thing up as best I can. The only thing I can figure is to pat it dry, salt it and put it on a rack in the fridge. 


I'm cooking this reverse sear and fortunately serving it as French dip sandwiches so the steak doesn't have to stand on its own but that doesn't give me much comfort.


I made au jus on Monday in preparation for the meal. It's part beef stock, part turkey stock that I further simmered with browned chuck, onions and wine. Should I inject the meat with this to try to force some flavor back into it?


Edit: an obvious option I didn't initially consider is a marinade. I may let the salt do its thing for a few hours then marinate until it's ready to cook but still looking for any suggestions on the best approach. 

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I would say the flavour won’t be affected, it probably just oxidized on the outside. I bet if you cut it open it’s still red inside. I’d just cook it up as you would. I soak wild game and fresh caught fish in salt water to pull out some blood but it doesn’t affect taste, actually improves it. 

how did it turn out?

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Just now, SeaBrisket said:

Everything turned out just fine. @KamadoChris is correct, it was less than 1/8" of exterior gray and I could see plenty of pink beneath that. I ended up doing a red wine based marinade for about 6 hours and reverse seared. On a sandwich with provolone, horseradish sauce and dipped in au jus, nobody knew the difference and everybody raved about it.


We had a couple of friends for dinner who had given me the tri-tip for my birthday so I really didn't want to have ruined it. One of our guests said he wouldn't be able to eat another French dip without thinking of mine and that's about as high of a compliment as I could have hoped for. 




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